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Successful implementation of the national project to increase labor efficiency at the Tomsk cable factory


Employees of the Tomsk cable factory participate in regular training under the programs of the Federal Competence Center. Curators for the implementation of the system have commented on the progress of the project:

Mikhail Kononov, certified trainer for lean manufacturing: “As a result of factory participation in the project, since March 2019, 38 employees - technical specialists and head of the departments, have been trained under the programs of the FCC and now have the necessary skills to transfer the knowledge gained to their colleagues, thereby spreading lean production culture for all workshops and departments of our enterprise. ”

Sergey Pazinich, Deputy Director for Production: “The employees of our enterprise are trained in the maximum possible connection with the real processes and needs of the enterprise, and the tasks are worked out directly at the production site. The training unfolds the basics and principles of the production system, ways to identify difficulties and implement projects to optimize processes. In practice, we got acquainted with the tools of lean manufacturing, learned how to build flow maps and create info centers. "Our immediate plans in promotion of increasing labor efficiency project is to train workers of the factory."

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